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The Orange Tree Inn is located at the Historic Site of the Origins of Santa Barbara's Movie Industry, the Flying A Studios.

In 1912, Allan Dwan, a top director, moved his group of actors sideways-up-the-coast from San Diego to Santa Barbara. From 1912 to 1919, Flying A made over 1,200 films. They were mostly cowboy movies filmed just outside of the city. Stars of the movies included Lon Chaney Sr., and Victor Fleming.

The Original Town House Motor Hotel was established on this site in the late 40s, and became the Orange Tree Motor Hotel adding the Swimming Pool and Cabana in 1958. In 1965 Orange Tree grew to it's present configuration with the addition of the 2 and 3 floor wings across from the Lobby. The Orange Tree was then operated by the Vagabond Company and re-named the Thrifty Lodge in 1969.

Later the property was again re-named the Vagabond Mid-Town. In 1994 the Original Orange Tree name and Logo was restored to the property, and it has been re-united with it's sister property The Lemon Tree Inn just 9 blocks up State Street.

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